Urns and memorabilia

MP Funerals floral tributes

Following cremation, ashes will be available for collection from the crematorium within a week or so.


You are most welcome to make an appointment to collect them from the crematorium, or we can do that for you and then either deliver to your home or arrange for you to collect them from our McCrae office.


Cremated remains can be retained in the crematorium canister or transferred to any number of vessels; including urns, scatter tubes garden ornaments and even jewellery.


There are many receptacles to choose from – some of which we have in stock, or can order in for you.

Your Bios Urn - a catalyst for life

Learn more @ www.soultrees.com.au

Soul Trees – information and contact details
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Cremated remains transfer service

We can transfer your loved one's cremated remains into urns, scatter tubes or jewellery, either with you present or before we deliver to you.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to assist and will discuss this at the funeral arrangement meeting.