Our Clinical Care facility

Where will my loved one be cared for before the funeral?

We personally care for loved ones in our fully serviced clinical care facility at U3/5 Trewhitt Crt. Dromana.


Local council by laws will only allow for mortuaries to be situated in industrial areas – regardless of which funeral provider you choose. Our chosen location – Dromana Industrial Estate – is a modern, well maintained area – more of a commercial district than a typical industrial one. Our buildings and grounds are well maintained.


We invite you to inspect our premises to understand how and where deceased persons are cared for until their funeral.

What happens when the deceased arrives at your facilities?

The deceased person will be collected by our professional patient transport team, brought to our clinical care facility, 'signed in' and placed directly into a climate controlled mortuary.


Once we receive instructions from the family or executor, we will prepare the body for cremation or burial. 


This may simply entail bathing and dressing the person before placing in the chosen coffin. In some cases make up will be applied according to family wishes, especially if a viewing is to take place.


Many of our client families ask that their loved one be allowed to rest peacefully without any treatment at all.

Does the deceased need to be embalmed?

In most cases embalming is not required as our climate controlled facility can keep the deceased from the time of death until the funeral.

Embalming requires the use of toxic chemicals and is not recommended unless under special circumstances, which may include:

  • if the deceased is to be kept for more than 2 weeks before the funeral is to occur (especially if a viewing is required),

  • the coffin is to be placed in a mausoleum or crypt, or

  • if the deceased's remains will be repatriated interstate or overseas.

Embalming does add a significant extra cost, and will be arranged upon request.

Can I visit to view and say my private farewell before the funeral?

Yes, private viewings are arranged at Mornington Peninsula Funerals Dromana offices, at a time to suit you. There is no surcharge for out-of-hours visitations – whether it is during the week, or after hours; on a weekend or public holiday.


We endeavour to present each deceased person in a very genuine manner and it assists us to have a photograph in order to create the most natural impression.


It is also possible for family members to attend and dress their loved one, and assist with hair and make up should they wish to do so.

Can we have a lock of hair or a fingerprint as a keepsake?

Yes, we can certainly provide you with a lock of your loved one's hair.


For fingerprint memorials, we call upon Slade Shaw at Love Me Always to collect prints from your loved one and create an original, handcrafted piece of jewellery as a precious keepsake. 

Can we have a funeral on a weekend or public holiday?

Usually, yes, however it will largely depend on availability of celebrant, venue, cemetery, caterers and A/V providers.


There will probably be greater costs involved as some of these providers charge extra fees for after hours. 


We do not generally increase our professional fees for after hours service but if we need to hire other staff for the service, we may have to recover costs to cover penalty rates.


Our Directors will be able to offer guidance and suggestions.


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