About the cremation process

We receive many questions about the cremation process ... and possibly the most common (and important) question is:

How do I know that the cremated remains I receive belong to my loved one?

At Mornington Peninsula Funerals, we are committed to the highest standards and processes that guarantee the identity of your loved ones.

For that reason we only ever use Victorian regulated crematoriums. There are many checks and confirmations along the way.

  • the person must be pronounced as being deceased by a medical professional,

  • personal identification is placed on their wrist and ankle,

  • appropriate documentation is completed,

  • the person is transported to our facility by a professional patient transport team and signed in,

  • a medical death certificate or coroner's release form is obtained before any mortuary care is scheduled,

  • identification checks occur in our mortuary before any personal care is carried out,

  • the deceased is placed in their coffin or casket with printed nameplate fixed to lid,

  • an identity check by an independent GP is then carried out before coffin lid is sealed,

  • the deceased person is signed out from our facility before being transported to their funeral service (if applicable),

  • the deceased person will be transported to the appropriate Victorian crematorium with dignity in our hearse by one of our funeral directors,

  • upon arrival at the crematorium, more documentation checks take place as care of the deceased is transferred to the authorised crematorium staff.

  • here in Victoria, where cremations are highly regulated, each individual in their coffin is placed within a separate cremator for the appropriate time.

The checks in place consist of the following:

Upon completion of the cremation process:

  • remains accumulate at the base of the cremator in an individually tagged drum,

  • the drum is then taken from the cremator and allowed to cool,

  • special machinery removes any metallic remnants from the deceased and their coffin, then

  • cremated remains are deposited into a sealed container identified with an engraved number corresponding to the booking advice.

You will receive 100% of the reclaimable cremated remains of the deceased.

Family members are always welcome to make their own personal checks and identification at any step along the way. We do offer families the option of:

  • following to the crematorium for final farewells, and

  • witnessing of the cremation is also available upon request.


People are sometimes surprised at the weight of the ashes they receive.


The human body is over 70% water, which evaporates, and bone density (especially among women) can also affect the weight of cremated remains.


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