Dispelling funeral business fears

From excessive fees to rubbish dumped in coffins and funeral wishes blatantly dismissed, the media is erupting with stories of disrespectful behaviour. A recent investigation by ABC TVs Four Corners program uncovered an alarming rate of bad practice when it comes to caring for loved ones after they pass.

To the surprise of many, the funeral industry in Australia is unregulated.


These reports are leaving families weary and uncertain at an already emotional and stressful time. But hidden amongst this disloyalty and hype lie a handful of family owned and operated funeral homes that genuinely care for you and your loved one and the celebration of their life.


Whilst working in the peninsula outlets of a large Melbourne based funeral company, my husband Andrew saw the need for a more intimate funeral home that was truly local, where the owners would work directly with loved ones and their families. In 2019 I joined with him in establishing Mornington Peninsula Funerals.


Accepting and coping with the death of a loved one is never easy, and the process of organising a funeral should not add to that strain. We believe that your loved one should always be near and you should always be welcome to visit.


And that’s exactly what we strive for. Right through to the funeral service, our team cares for your loved one in our local facility without the need for transportation anywhere else. Visits are welcomed at any time of the day or evening, on weekends or public holidays without any surcharges. All costs are disclosed upfront so there will never be any additional stress at your time of need.

To offer clarity and trust, we welcome you and your family to visit our modern care facility in Dromana, at any time by appointment, or on our open day; Thursday 12th December 2019 from 12 – 3pm.

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    Sharon mason (Saturday, 22 February 2020 00:28)

    Hello. Can I please have some information from you regarding costs & services provided by your Company in regards to a Cremation service which woukd potentially take place within the next few weeks. We will be arranging our own wake so those details are not required. The service would be of a non-religous nature with a spiritual aspect to it. It is important that we can xhoose several pieces of musi, (maybe 4 or 5, to be played during the service. These would not be "full song track" but will be shortened for time frame and convenience. A lengthy photo slide show is required though so possibly a full track throughout the slide show. The service itself will be a down to earth "no fluffy frills" "no doves etc" affair. Is there a possibility of taking place at Bunarong Memorial Park and what are the additional cost options for that please. Email is vintagevibe65@gmail.com