Deciding on how to farewell a loved one can involve many different options, including whether or not to hold a funeral service at all. Costs will vary, depending on what may be required and the options you choose. Generally a more elaborate and larger funeral will involve higher costs.

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No attendance

Our 'No Ceremony' cremation or burial from $2950  – details here

No Attendnace No ceremony Cremation or burial service

Attended services

Mornington Peninsula Funerals Covid-19 offer for Family farewells from $4800 – details here

Mornington Peninsula Funerals Hearse

One of our core practices – regardless of whether a service is to be held or not – is that we treat every person in the way we would want ourselves and our family members to be treated.

Certain mandatory requirements must be observed when a person passes away. These essentials are included within our No-Ceremony options.


If you choose one of our No-Ceremony care packages, you can rest assured that in most cases there will be no more to pay. In extraordinary cases, other products and services may be required and these will be discussed during our meeting with you. 


Alternatively, if you prefer for us to arrange an attended funeral service for your loved one, please call us to discuss additional elements such as service venue, flowers, catering, media etc. to suit your particular requirements.

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Current Funeral Service options

During this difficult time, we can only accommodate small family farewells, with a ten person limit.


Live Streaming and recording services allow extended family and friends to take part in the ceremony without being physically present.

Due to updates in Government Covid-19 policies, we invite you to phone us to discuss funeral arrangements or to ask any questions. Wherever possible, meetings are being conducted by phone or video conference.


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