Funeral Planning

Before meeting our funeral directors

Before meeting our funeral directors you're encouraged to gather family members to discuss the planning of the service in general terms.


At our meeting, we will then cover the specific details.


Family members are encouraged to attend ('virtually', during Covid-19 pandemic) to help plan the service.


Joining together in this process to support and care for each other is often beneficial to assist in the early stages of grief.

Some people feel the need to put the funeral behind them as quickly as possible. It helps to understand that the funeral itself can be one of the first and most important aspects to commence the slow process of healing. When choosing the day for the ceremony, be sure you have allowed enough time to plan and implement all your preferred options.

Funeral Arrangements

A face-to-face meeting

Where possible, (during the Covid-19 pandemic), arrangements are being done by phone, however we are still able to conduct arrangements with two family members present – either at our office in McCrae or Dromana.


This get-together is a chance to talk in more detail about the next steps, including the funeral service befitting of the person you've lost, or to discuss various no-service and memorial ceremony options.

Arranging the service 

During our in-person/phone meeting, we will discuss specifics such as your choice for a Chaplain or we will help you choose the right Celebrant to provide the ideal farewell for your loved one. This is a very important step in the process and we will take care to ensure we create a memorable day for your family and friends.

Some things to consider:

  • Are you inquiring for someone who is; already deceased, expected to pass away soon, or planning for the future?

  • Are you looking for; burial, cremation, or repatriation overseas

  • Would you like to organise a funeral service with a Chaplain or Celebrant? 

  • If you would like a service, where would you like for it to be held? Eg. church, crematorium chapel, graveside, sporting club, or outdoor location.


Personalising the service with your loved one's;

  • favourite music and memorabilia,

  • choice of flowers,

  • stories about childhood, family, friendships, hobbies, travels and quirks,

  • photos/videos to be played,

  • DVD recording of the service and /or

  • live stream to those who cannot be present at the ceremony?

Will you require a viewing of your loved one?

Any other special requirements?

Pre-arranged / Pre-paid Funerals

Please call 03 5982 0086 or fill in our email form to order a complimentary Pre-planning guide to be mailed to you. Alternatively, it can be downloaded here. We are happy to discuss the many options available to you and to offer guidance to help plan your funeral without any obligation or lock-in fees.


Make peace of mind your priority; call us any time on 03 5982 0086

Death Registration

When a death occurs there is a legal obligation to register the death with The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

We will take care of all the statutory forms for you, including the Death Registration Form, Application for a Death Certificate and Application for burial or cremation.

What we need from you are the following details of your deceased loved one;

  • Full name,

  • Last address,

  • Date of birth,

  • Place of birth (if overseas, date moved to Australia. If exact date unknown, approx years in Australia.

  • Marriage details, (place, date and to whom married)

  • Children’s names and dates of birth,

  • Parents' names, (please include mother’s full maiden name)

  • Parents' occupation (current or former)

Download printable

BDM information form

to document these details


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