Coffins and Cremations

Some typical questions we are asked about the cremation process ...

  • Can we put any special items into the coffin?

  • Is the coffin cremated with the deceased?

  • What are the most environmentally friendly options?

But possibly the most common (and important) question is:

​Good question. A common myth is that the ashes you receive are a mixture of all of the cremated remains from that day at the crematorium, or that you will only receive a portion of the ashes and the rest are discarded. This is certainly not the case in Victorian regulated crematoriums. More specific (in depth) information is provided here.

Can we put any special items into the coffin?

Yes. Many families choose to place sentimental memorabilia or special items in the coffin of their loved one. You can do this at the viewing, or we can place the items for you prior to the funeral.

Items that are often placed in a coffin are:

  • flowers,

  • photographs (in a frame is ok if no glass present)

  • letters,

  • memorabilia such as medals, footy scarfs (may be draped on coffin for the service and proceed to cremation with loved one)

  • dolls and teddies,

  • keepsakes, etc.

Please keep in mind that any bulky items, eg. bibles and other books, included in coffin may add significantly to the volume of the cremated remains.

Is the coffin cremated with the deceased?

Yes.  The coffin, including handles and all included items is transferred directly into the cremator.

Floral tributes will usually be cremated along with the deceased.


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