Funerals · 22. April 2020
Hosting a small funeral for a loved one supports families and close friends who may otherwise struggle on their journey through grief.

Funeral Pre-planning · 19. April 2020
Long before we had ever heard of Covid-19, social distancing and a limit on the number of mourners allowed at a funeral, people inquired about 'No-service' funerals. We heard this often during casual social conversations, but more so when we set up our information table at local shopping centres.

Funerals · 14. April 2020
Our practice of offering viewings in our Dromana premises is still available and may be a welcome choice for families who lose loved ones.

Health & Wellness · 24. March 2020
The health measures we are being advised to follow at present are all well and good ... but there are other important measures – not talked about so widely – that could help us to stay healthy in the midst of the current pandemic. #morningtonpeninsulafunerals

Support for families · 04. March 2020
32 years ago, after a valiant battle with lymphoma, my father's final wish was that he could die at home. We couldn't grant his wish then, but fortunately for many in our region, help is at hand for those wanting that final opportunity to die with dignity and peace in their own familiar surroundings.

Support for families · 13. February 2020
This month, the short version of 'Our story' has been published in the beautiful Peninsula Essence magazine. In telling our story, we encourage you to tell yours. In our blog this month, we share some tips on how you can get started telling 'Your Story'.

Grief & Healing · 11. December 2019
As a long time campaigner for more mental health support for Australian children, particularly in the areas of prevention and early intervention, I am heartened to see an increasing range of mental health resources, becoming available for people of all ages.

Funerals · 07. December 2019
A recent investigation by ABC TVs Four Corners program, uncovered an alarming rate of bad practice when it comes to caring for loved ones after they pass. We hope to dispel these worries by opening our doors for you to visit us at work, to ask questions and see how our truly local family business offers a unique and valuable service that is second to none in our region.

Funeral Pre-planning · 14. November 2019
In the past, talking about death and dying was somewhat taboo. Those who were terminally ill in my family or neighbourhood were spoken of in hushed tones. And as a child, I was not taken to funerals until well into my teen years.