About Mornington Peninsula Funeral Directors

We, Andrew Ternes and Julie Davey, founded Mornington Peninsula Funerals with the aim to provide high quality funeral care, in a local environment, at an affordable price.


Our backgrounds in the funeral and medical professions and service industries provide a great foundation for our organisation.


While working as a funeral arranger and conductor with a large Melbourne-based business, Andrew realised that many families needed to know where their loved ones were held before the funeral. Their preference was for them to be close by at all times, and this was definitely something a small independent funeral home like Mornington Peninsula Funerals could offer.


Also, Mornington Peninsula Funerals could provide a more personalised and affordable experience by conducting services in venues familiar to each family; such as sailing and bowling clubs, beaches, various local function rooms, community halls – or even at the family home.


So after many months of exploration and planning, then waiting for local council approvals, we finally got the go-ahead to start building. One of Andrew's former colleagues, Lindsay Cameron, was keen to become involved in the new company, so he came on board and helped to build the offices, meeting room, viewing room and mortuary, meanwhile Julie worked on the branding, paperwork, literature and website.


Lindsay worked with us until March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic slowed our growth and he found our new business not quite busy enough for him. He has found his niche with one of the large corporate funeral companies and while we miss our old teammate, wish him well in his new role.

Mornington Peninsula Funerals Managing Directors

Andrew Ternes

Having owned and operated service-based businesses most of his life, Andrew appreciates the importance of providing excellent customer service.


He loves helping people and hearing the many interesting stories that families have to share about their loved ones’ lives.

Family and Community life:

Andrew has two daughters and a step dog. He served, for four years, on the board of The Attitude Books Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping build resilience in young children.

He is a member and active volunteer at McCrae yacht club and has been a Bass player in blues bands for more than 45 years.

Julie Davey

Julie's background in general hospital and district nursing holds her in good stead to help families through the difficult time surrounding the loss of a loved one.


Family and Community life:

Julie is married to Andrew and also served on the board of Attitude Books Foundation and sails at McCrae Yacht Club.


She is an author dedicated to helping children become more resilient and, since 2001, has given hundreds of personal development talks in Primary schools.


Julie has contributed many presentations for libraries and Probus meetings across the Peninsula and country Victoria, on the topic of Positive Thinking for Health and Happiness.

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Mornington Peninsula Funerals Vehicles

We have a beautiful, high roof, V8 Holden hearse and – for those passionate Ford enthusiasts – a newly refurbished silver hearse as well.


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